Classy Cars from Thailand

October 9, 2016

A car is a basic need of every family in the 21st century. It is human nature to own high-quality classy stuff. Many people including youths love cars with very powerful engines, attractive interior mostly made of leather, cool color for the exterior, good wheels, a car pimped with a quality sound system since music just complements human life. Thailand is one of the countries in the world that makes high-quality luxury cars ranging from sports cars to wagons and other types of cars. Cars engines from Thailand are one of the best engines assembled by highly qualified mechanics. Motor assembling industries in Thailand is composed of engineers with different specializations including body building, engine, interior designing, and many others. All these specializations in different parts of cars are combined together to produce a world number one class cars.  Some of the cars produced from Thailand with amazing features include:


Mazda Company began assembling by producing a three-wheeled car in Thailand that was in the year 1950. In 1975 it stabilized and the first Mazda assembling plant was officially launched. The Auto Alliance Thailand situated at Rayong Province builds a wide range of compact Sports Utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-ups mainly targeting the African, the Southeast as well as Europe markets. The Mazda pick-ups have got hard body a powerful engine both for commercial use and private use. Many business men running small enterprises prefer Mazda pick-up because of their durable and long lasting engine as well as the body that do not get wrecked very fast. Mazda Sports Utility Vehicles too are fitted with turbo charger engines that give them the best speed hence helps in working and moving from one destination to another within the required time frame.


In the year 2000, BMW built their car manufacturing plant in Thailand. It was an investment that took billions of shillings to be put up.  This plant 9899c83abaa92c965d62691ae2776ed0was built targeting the Thailand and Asian markets. The plant has been recognized for building the famous BMW motorcycle that is one of the worlds’ number one motorcycles.  The bikes produced consists of sports bikes, tour bikes, roadster bikes, heritage bikes, adventure bikes and urban mobility bikes. The motorbikes have classy designs, powerful engines, and their stability on the road isn’t compromising.


The company was built in Thailand in 1963. The company has built commercial pick-up trucks and the MU-7 Sports Utility Vehicle that have got a capacity of seven passengers. This car covers both on and off-road. This car is fitted with rear packing camera, Kenwood speakers for the music system, its interior is very spacious with leather seats, and it exists in an automatic transmission, diesel turbo charger engine. These features make MU-7 one of the worlds’ best Sport Utility Vehicles. It is a good car for a family of dad mam and maybe four kids will comfortably fit in this car.

Other cars assembled in Thailand that are exported in the world market includes Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Tata, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, and Volkswagen. Buying cars from Thailand means buying a high-quality world class engine.

Thailand is a preferred destination for many people, be it tourists or business people. They flock from all over the world and from all walks of life to come and behold the uniqueness of this wonderful nation. It is a major tourist attraction country, hence, people flock in to behold the beauty and therein as well as the uniqueness of the physical features there. Among the things that excite many people is availability of cheap products.

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