Thailand is home to many business people and they flock there at any time of the year as they seek to boost their businesses and make more profit through accessing cheap products from Thailand. You can travel to Thailand at any time of the year and buy what you need. Almost everything is offered at cheap prices. Consider the Siam Wellness Lab found at the hub of Thailand. It produces spa products and you will be spoilt for choice. The components of the lab ingredients are picked by the hand before preparing the spa products. You might want to know a few things about it. Look at the commonly asked questions and sample answers.

Is there any difference between the products used for blooming and other products used in the spa industry?

Blooming is a concept that is mainly developed through the use of the East and West therapy. The two are then combined with some herbal extracts from

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Thailand so as to give an excellent spa product. You can stand assured that there is no extra fragrance used neither is any alcohol used. The formulation is made by pure oil. Therefore, you can trust the products

made here to rebalance the system of your body in a natural manner, and you will not have any residues after using the product. Moreover, you will be free from emotional hiccups and over thinking.

Why are natural ingredients so critical?

Your body is made in such a way that it absorbs much of what you place on the skin. The natural ingredients that we use to make our products are important for the good health of your body and general wellness of your skin. The other manmade ingredients may harm you since they may release some injurious substances to your blood stream. In order to be safe from such, just use the natural products.

What do you mean by essential oils?

You get essential oils through some highly intensive processes that lead to the extraction of critical elements from plants, fruits, seeds, stems of plants, leaves, resins, flowers, and wood of some given trees. The essential oils are the life line of the plants and they have therapeutic ability on your body.

What are some of the products that Siam Wellness lab offers?

You will get a wide range of spa products from us. Moreover, you can get aromatherapy products, shower gels, body lotions, herbal treats, healthy snake, home baked cookies, body scrubs, massage oils, natural soap bars, herbal teas and drinks among others.

Is there any gift product that I can get from Siam Wellness Lab?

Yes there is. You will find many gift sets and mini gift sets. These gifts are a perfect gift of what you can give to your loved ones to show that you came to Thailand.

Are there any promotional activities that are run by Siam Wellness Lab?

Yes, our customers are special to us and we give them the best that we can. A customer could also get more information regarding discounts from the staffs.