High-Quality Cereal Exports from Thailand

October 1, 2016

Cereals are one of the major exports from Thailand that runs the country’s economy. Thailand being an agricultural economy as well endowed with fertile lands, new farming techniques as well as equipment. The farming sector has always remained strong for a number of years in Thailand. Most of the Thailand agricultural exports are meant for international markets meaning there is a large-scale production of agricultural products. There are several agricultural industries in Thailand that developed to process farm outputs into finer products for both local and international production. Some of the cereals exported from Thailand include:


tranplant-rice-tahilandThailand is number largest rice production, a large portion of land in Thailand is under rice production. Thailand is the second largest rice exporter in the world market. Thailand produces Jasmine rice which is a very high-quality type of rice. This type of rice usually has got a lower yield but fetches highly in the world global market.

In 2010 a total of 10.8 million tons were exported that amounted to the US $5.37. This was a positive deviation of 64% as compared to 2013 that was only 6.6 million tons. In 2015 after India, Thailand was the second leading world rice export by exporting 9.8 million tons to the global market which fetched a good foreign cash to the country. Rice plays a major role in the economy of Thailand.


Maize crop was introduced in Thailand by the Portuguese traders back in the 16th century. Since then it has continued to be grown in most parts of Thailand but the uplands appeared to be more cornaccommodative for this kind of crop.  Maize export began to be of profit after the world war two. In 1961 statistics reveals that 600,000 tons of maize was produced and this grew to over a million tones by the end of 1965. There is a steady improvement of maize exportation in Thailand every year. Syngenta being the leading in the export market.

Rice and Maize are two major cereals grown in Thailand. The majority of farmers have concentrated in planting these cereals since they fetch a lot both locally and internationally. Locally maize is used by the natives to prepare cuisine as well as silage Silage that is animals feed mostly preferred by farmers practicing zero grazing and those who like keeping stock for their livestock to feed on in a case of scarcity. Corn is also used by the local producing industries in the manufacture of oil that is used for deep frying. Most people prefer this type of oil falling under the category of vegetable oil to cooking fats made from animals.

Rice a part being consumed as food, it can be used in storage of iron tools preventing them from rust. Adding a few spoons of rice into the toolbox will help in absorbing moisture thus keeping the tools free from rust. Rice is used to save mobile phones from damage caused by water, in case your phone gets into water then just remove the battery then submerge it into rice that will help in absorbing water from the phone. All these are done by uncooked rice.

Thailand is a preferred destination for many people, be it tourists or business people. They flock from all over the world and from all walks of life to come and behold the uniqueness of this wonderful nation. It is a major tourist attraction country, hence, people flock in to behold the beauty and therein as well as the uniqueness of the physical features there. Among the things that excite many people is availability of cheap products.

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