Standard Medical Equipment from Thailand

October 13, 2016

Medical equipment is important in ensuring good health as they can monitor one’s health and detect any complication in our bodies. The equipment such as drugs be it in form of injection or tablets helps in fighting disease-causing organisms that invade human body and causing harm to the body. Thailand is not left behind in the manufacture of powerful medical machines with the ability to aid in the treatment of illness within the human body. Thailand produces a wider range of medical equipment such as laboratory glassware, X-Ray Equipment, wheelchairs, surgical instruments, Microscopes, Examination gloves and many others.

Thailand medical companies that supply medical equipment are:

  • K. Hospital Supply (Thailand) Co., Ltd based in Thailand that supplies Hospital equipment, Examination Equipment and Medical Treatment equipment.
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    Bangkok Advance Technology Co., Ltd based in Thailand supplies medical equipment, scientific Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Autopipetts, Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Ductless fume hoods, Gas generator, Freezers Oven, Incubators, Sample preparation, Mini Gel Electrophoresis-Mupid, Ultra Sonic Baths, PCR Water Stills, Shakers, Microplate reader and washer, water baths, Thermomixers, Laboratory Plastic, Centrifuge Tubes with Assay Plates, Laboratory Glassware, Erlenmyer Flanks, Beakers, Tubes, Bottles, Magnetie Stirrer, Hotplate Stirrer.

  • CMC Biotech Co., Ltd based in Thailand though has got Japanese origin manufactures equipment such as X-ray systems, medical X-ray CT systems, radiation therapy systems, diagnostic nuclear medicine systems, and magnetic ultrasound systems.
  • E. Medical Systems Limited based in Thailand though an American company that develops medical software systems.
  • Foamex Asia Co. Ltd based in Thailand supplies Face Masks, Implantable Medical Devices, Bedding Foam, Automotive Trim Foam Furniture Foam, Mop Head Refills, and Swabs.
  • Summit Co.,Ltd based in Thailand supplies Oxygen Therapy Units, Medical mapOxygen Regulators, Oxygen Cylinders, Flowmeters, Flowmeter Inspires, Humidifiers, Greases Oxygen-safes, E.C.G. Creams, Ultrasound Gels, Cathartic Lab Machines, Medical Gas Equipment, Quick Connect Outlets, Ceiling Outlet and Hoses, Scarvenging Outlets, Medical Vacuum Systems, Check Valve Adapters, Air Compressors, Suction Units, Suction Controllers, Suction Trolley with Jars, Electric Suction Units, Anesthesia, Anesthesia Machines, Haloscale Respirometers, Mask for Animals, Patient Blankets.

These companies based in Thailand provides world class quality medical equipment for support of human health at the hospitals. The companies have greatly revolutionized Thailand’s medical sector making the country be among the best countries with powerful medical facilities in the world.


Thailand has very many private and public hospitals that are evenly distributed in the country. These hospitals have got highly trained and skilled medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, clinical officers as well as nutritionists who handle patients professionally with a lot of dignity offering them the best treatment one has ever had.  Hospitals offer treatments for chronic world disorders such as kidney transplant, brain surgery, lung disorders, liver disorders as well as organ transplant. This is possible due to the existence of facilities dealing with such kinds of body complications.

Thailand due to advancement in the field of medicine, it is among the countries in the world with low mortality rate both infants and adult mortality.

Thailand is a preferred destination for many people, be it tourists or business people. They flock from all over the world and from all walks of life to come and behold the uniqueness of this wonderful nation. It is a major tourist attraction country, hence, people flock in to behold the beauty and therein as well as the uniqueness of the physical features there. Among the things that excite many people is availability of cheap products.

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